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Our experts have significant experience running, restructuring and growing businesses and can offer a range of consultancy services to SME Businesses including:


Generating cash can be achieved by managing the cost base more effectively. In challenging times, cost control and cost reduction become a prime focus of management but in good times, it is easy to let this discipline slip whilst focusing on growth and development. Constant focus on cost management can keep the business lean and in an optimum state for all eventualities. The finance team play an important role here but often they look purely at numbers, disassociated from key strategic decisions, but cost control must have a firm focus on strategic growth as well as operational performance. Focusing on the right areas to preserve growth is key. We can help you achieve an improved cost base whilst keeping a firm eye on what is important to your business strategy.


Sometimes, it is important to have a fundamental reappraisal of the business model in all its aspects, in order to ensure it is optimally positioned for growth. This can include during a period of distress, when faced with disruption or when moving into the next growth phase. Either way, restructuring will require sustained management commitment, challenging existing beliefs, strong management and careful PR. Our team have been through many rounds of restructuring over the last 25 years and have consequently developed considerable experience in this area.


Steve Jobs famously said “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. Developing successful innovation strategies requires strong input from very smart people, but it also requires structure and process to pull those ideas together into a strategy. Our experts have worked within innovation businesses for the last 35 years, developing and executing strategies resulting in strong growth. We would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help your business.


The commercialisation of technology can simply be described as converting ideas into products or services and turning technology innovation into a business growth facilitator. But it is of course a lot more than this. Commercialising technology means optimising investment into new products and services in order to achieve a maximum return on investment for the business. This is not easy to get right and it is easy to keep pumping investment into R&D, year on year, without realising the rewards that innovative development can achieve. Our experts have over 25 years dealing with these issues, both from within R&D and also when leading businesses, and we can help you improve your innovation machine.


Writing business reports and making presentations is a normal part of business leadership, especially when the business is part of a larger organisation. Our experts have worked within a $7bn US corporation leading three business units, so I have considerable experience reporting and presenting. If you are time constrained and in need of assistance in this area, I can help. 


Bottlenecks occur in all areas of business but identifying and overcoming them is often not an easy task. Many business leaders believe their bottlenecks are in sales – just sell more and we will grow. But in our experience, this is more often not the case. Excessive inventory levels, low contribution margins and inefficient operations are just three examples of where the business could be being starved of cash which could be invested in growth. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help your business.

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