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We have experts who can help Private Equity businesses improve their carried interest through significant experience commercialising technology and running, restructuring & growing businesses.




Some of our experts are seasoned business leaders, spending much of their professional careers commercialising technology. They can help you make better deal decisions by taking a holistic view of a business, offering advice as to how a business might improve its technology and product strategies and acting as "voice from the ground". We can assess revenue growth & cost reduction opportunities and make recommendations for acute strategic transformation programmes. 



We can support your team in an advisory capacity, taking the load off your team and helping to accelerate key decisions. Our experts can conduct business reviews, audit and review growth and technology strategies, assess where cost savings can be made, identify where increase growth can be achieved and interview and assess the management team and key personnel in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This can help you decide if changes need to be made to the business in order to accelerate growth and increase the value of your investment.


Some of our experts have worked at high levels, leading and managing complex businesses. They can work with the leaders in your portfolio businesses in a coaching & mentoring capacity in order to impart their experience and expertise and act as an independent business advisor. Not only does this help to improve decision making within the business leadership thereby strengthening your investment, it also frees up your PE team to focus on new deals and wider portfolio issues.



Should you have the requirement, we have experts who can very quickly jump in as an interim CEO to ensure stability is retained in the business.

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